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Get tips for functional interior design with mirrors

Date: August 14, 2023

Category: Homeware

Mirrors have evolved from being solely a practical and functional thing to being a central element when we have to furnish our home. Mirrors aren’t just something we use to keep an eye on whether the hairstyle fits as it should or that the clothes fit. Nice mirrors can add dynamism to your rooms when you integrate them into your decor.

Get inspiration for how you can create a different decoration in your interior with mirrors, and for how mirrors can make your rooms appear larger and brighter.

Make your living room appear bigger and brighter with mirrors

If you want to make the living room seem larger and thus create the feeling that you have more space, you can advantageously hang a large wall mirror on one of the walls in the living room. A mirror will reflect the living room and thus make it appear larger. Decorating with mirrors is incredibly effective, and it can quickly make your living room seem like a new and larger room.

If space for a mirror in the living room is tight, you can choose to hang a large mirror on the wall instead of, for example, pictures. Get more ideas on how you can integrate mirrors into your wall decoration if you are into a slightly more unconventional wall decoration. 

"Enlarge" your small rooms visually with mirrors

If you have several smaller rooms in the home, such as the entrance hall, the children’s room, the bathroom or the guest room, it is obvious that you use decorative mirrors in the interior. Mirrors can visually enlarge a room because a mirror can “trick” the eye into thinking that the room continues within its frame.

Furnishing with mirrors is also obvious if you have to furnish rooms with sloping walls , as they can often be small rooms. A mirror on the wall will reflect the room, giving the feeling that the room is larger than it actually is.

Get more inspiration for decorating the entrance hall and how you can make optimal use of the space and make your entrance hall appear larger. 

Take advantage of the wall mirror's reflection of the light

Natural light has a number of positive effects , and this underlines the importance of integrating it into your interior design. Natural light, for example, has a positive effect on both your mood and your immune system. In addition, natural light improves the overall impression of a room, as the light enables you to better experience shapes and colors in a room.  

Especially in the dark winter months, it is important to get enough sunlight. Furnishing with mirrors allows you to take advantage of the natural light. The natural daylight from outside can also contribute to you having a higher energy level and more profit.

You can also choose to use mirrors more decoratively, as an exciting element that not only reflects its surroundings but is also a piece of design in itself. 

Furnished with mirrors as "movable windows"

To a certain extent, mirrors can also be defined as a kind of “removable windows”. By letting your mirrors in a room reflect the sunlight, the natural light is amplified throughout the room, which is an advantage for both atmosphere and well-being. First, bright rooms appear larger than darker rooms, and in addition, the reflected sunlight can replace the electronic lighting in a room.