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Good advice before buying a new dining table

Date: June 27, 2023

Category: Inspiration

The dining table is the family’s gathering point, and it is the centerpiece of the modern home. The dining area is where the family meets for dinner and talks about the day’s experiences. Read our guide to choosing a dining table and get well prepared.

1. How big should the dining table be?

The size of the dining table depends both on how many people will sit around it and on where it will stand. Should it be relatively undisturbed in a dining room, or perhaps in a busy kitchen-dining room? And how much space do you have for the dining table? If space is tight or if there is a lot of traffic in the room, it is an idea to consider a round dining table that can be easier to maneuver around.

If you have plenty of space for the dining table, it is nice to have a dining table that takes up little space and has an eye-catcher – perhaps a solid wooden table, or a table that stands out in color.

2. How many people should sit around the dining table?

Most dining tables can easily accommodate four people. If you occasionally get guests, consider a pull-out dining table to accommodate two or four extra people at the table. It is also useful if you need extra desk space for a period of time – for example, if you work at home and use the dining table for office space.

3. Dining table on legs or plinth?

A dining table with a centered base instead of four legs has several advantages. It can be very practical that you do not have to take table legs into account when placing the dining table chairs, and the design is modern and has a light expression. Conversely, dining tables on four legs can be more stable and have a more classic look.

4. What material is good for a dining table?

The material of your dining table is very much related to the function that your dining table should have. If you have small children, you need a dining table in a material that is not delicate and easy to clean.

One option may be that you choose a dining table with a laminate countertop, a dining table with a glass top or one with a table top made of melamine. These are materials that are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

5. Rectangular, oval or round dining table?

The size and shape of your dining table should match the room, and you need to think about what location your dining table should have. If you have a lot of space, a large square dining table is an obvious choice. If space is tight, it is a good idea to choose a smaller dining table with pull-outs.

A round dining table is a table that matches both small and large rooms. Just remember to choose material and dining chairs that harmonize with both the table and the room where it will stand.

A round table also creates a special dynamic in a room with the round edges and soft shape. At a round dining table, people sit closer to each other, and it’s easier for everyone to join the conversation at the table.

6. Should the dining table have more functions?

A dining table stands in many homes in the dining room, which is often a room with several functions. This is where you sit together and eat in the evening and share the day’s events. But it is probably also where the children draw and do homework, and where the parents may have a home workplace.

It is also a good idea to choose a dining table with a certain weight if homework is to be done, drawn and erased at the table.

Therefore, when choosing a new dining table, you should think about what function your dining table should have. It affects the position of your dining table, and it also affects the size of your dining table.

7. Stylish, practical or modern dining table?

A dining table can be rustic, simple, stylish, modern or practical – or a combination. The possibilities are many, and the most important thing is that you choose a dining table that matches your style and needs. A dining table can be a statement in a room, or it can play a more subdued role. Before investing in a new dining table, it is important that you decide what style you want for your new dining table.