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Guide: Choose the right display cabinet

Date: June 27, 2023

Category: Inspiration

A glass cabinet or vitrine is a super practical piece of furniture. You can use it both for storing your vases, tablecloths, magazines or candles and napkins, or as a beautiful frame that highlights your finest and dearest possessions.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the things to consider before making the right choice of a display cabinet.

Glass doors?

You need to start by considering your needs. Need a place to store things away so you don’t have clutter? Or would you like to show off knick-knacks and souvenirs? With doors and sides in wood or metal, you don’t have to worry about your display cabinet décor. Once you have put your things in place, close the doors and immediately the living room looks presentable.

With a glass vitrine, it is important that it looks neat and orderly inside the cabinet. Display your fine knick-knacks and make small arrangements with vases, books, magazines, baskets and bowls that match or complement each other.

Some display cases have both glass sides and shelves, creating an extra light and elegant look.

Cabinets with drawers and doors

With a cabinet with both drawers and glass doors, you have the opportunity to both store things away and show them off. Drawers are handy for storing tablecloths and other things you use often, such as candles or gift wrap.

On legs or plinth?

A cabinet on legs has a light and elegant look, and you can easily vacuum or wash the floor under it.

Conversely, a cabinet on a plinth has a classic, robust look.

Choice of color

White is always a safe choice that doesn’t go out of style. A white cabinet goes with everything and can help create a fresh and airy atmosphere in a room.

High or low display cabinet?

If you need a lot of space for storage, a tall closet probably seems like something for you. It has room for all your things, and if it’s white or has glass doors, it typically also has a light look, even if it’s a large piece of furniture. With a lower cabinet, you don’t have to find a stool to reach your things on the top shelf, and you can put magazines or put candlesticks on top of it.

Have fun choosing display cabinet!