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Practical decoration with artificial plants

Date: July 11, 2023

Category: Homeware, Inspiration

In the past, artificial plants and flowers were primarily used as decorations to decorate places where it may have been difficult to maintain ordinary flowers and plants. Today, however, it has become a trendy and simple solution to decorate the home with artificial variety – a solution that is particularly appealing and beneficial for people who do not have much experience in looking after and maintaining living plants.

There are many types, sizes and colors to choose from when you need to find the right plants for your home – and this applies to both real and artificial plants. In this blog post, we show you how to give your decor a fresh update with artificial plants and flowers.

Why choose artificial plants instead of real ones?

If you are one of those people who forgets to water your plants, artificial plants are an obvious solution for you. Artificial flowers and plants are long-lasting decorative items and do not require regular attention that a real plant often will. With an artificial plant, you will therefore bring life and color to your everyday life – even if you are going on holiday, are away from home for a long time, or if you have difficulty getting live plants to thrive. Gradually, many artificial flowers are made so beautifully that they are very realistic and therefore really difficult to distinguish from the real varieties.

As with the real varieties, artificial plants can help create an indoor oasis. This is especially nice if you live in a home without access to a garden – for example an apartment – and would like to have a green and fresh expression in the home. At the same time, artificial plants are also equally fresh all year round, where changing seasons can easily mean that real plants have difficulty getting through the dark winter months. You don’t have to think about this problem with artificial flowers and plants. Therefore, you are sure that the expression you want to create in your home is the same.

Unexpected guests? With artificial flowers, your home always looks nice and inviting

Have you ever experienced that it can be a stressful experience to prepare the home for guest visits so that it appears nice and bright? A bouquet of flowers on the dining table, coffee table or sideboard is often the finishing touch that helps make your home inviting and nice to be in.

Many people have a busy everyday life, where it can be difficult to find time to buy fresh flowers. If you are one of those who do not have time to buy fresh flowers, or if you have lacked inspiration, then artificial flowers are the obvious and safe choice for you. You can prepare well in advance without the flowers wilting or looking sad.

In addition, fresh flowers are often expensive and can easily, after just a few days, start to look sad. You avoid this with artificial flowers – they will appear beautiful and fresh forever. 

A good tip for your bouquets: Try to mix different colors when making flower arrangements. Choose a colorful flower pot and combine it with a nice green artificial plant, or choose a neutral, muted vase for a bouquet of artificial flowers that shine in a lot of beautiful colors. Mixing the elements in this way creates a beautiful contrast and attracts the attention of your guests.

You can also put together a bouquet of different artificial flowers that reflect your personality. As time goes by, you can develop the bouquet by removing or adding more artificial flowers to it.

An artificial plant has many purposes

Another advantage of artificial flowers and plants is that you can move them around wherever you want, as often as you want. You don’t have to consider lighting or temperature when choosing the right place for your artificial flower decorations.

In addition, a plant can help to bring life into rooms in the home, where it can otherwise be difficult – for example, a bathroom that has no windows, or corners and nooks in the home where the sunlight does not reach properly.

Mix and match

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Don't have green fingers?

There are a lot of people today who like plants and want to decorate their home with a green touch. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with green fingers. Even if the desire and interest is there, it can be a challenge to gain experience in keeping real plants alive, and even harder to get them to thrive. Artificial plants are therefore an obvious solution for people who do not have green fingers.

Are you considering decorating your home with artificial plants? JYSK has a wide selection of artificial flowers and plants that you can use to create a fantastic atmosphere in your home. For more inspiration, you can read here and get tips for a personal interior design.