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Smart entrance décor

Date: August 14, 2023

Category: Inspiration

Your entrance hall is the first place you and your guests meet, so it is important that it is neat and tidy. But it can be difficult to keep order, because the entrance hall is a passage room, often of a few square metres, and there must be space for outerwear, shoes, bags and much more. In this blog post you can get ideas for functional and smart storage in the entrance hall.

1. Hide your things behind doors, in drawers or baskets

First of all, you need to arrange the entrance so that you can store bags, mittens, shoes etc. out of the way. It can be in a cupboard, a chest of drawers, a shoe cabinet, a bench with storage or a bookcase with curtains in front. The most important thing is that your things are hidden, so that the entrance hall can have a calm and tidy appearance.

Tip:  If your entrance is a narrow corridor, first check whether there is room to close cupboard doors or drawers fully open. If not, it might be a better idea to put up shelves with boxes or baskets that can be pulled out individually.

2. Take advantage of the height in your entrance hall

Smart and functional storage is largely about making optimal use of the space in the room. If you have an entrance hall with a high ceiling, use it to hang shelves high in the room. Perhaps there is room to hang several shelves above each other and create a shelving system where there is room for decorations or storage baskets . Shelves and baskets can be decorative in themselves, and they can thus help to lift the decor visually, while at the same time giving you plenty of storage space.

When you remove objects from the field of vision, you give the entrance a tidy look. There can be a lot of square meters on the walls, so it’s about making use of them to create order, so you can remove things that are otherwise cluttering the floor.  

Tip:  In a small entrance hall with several doors, you can advantageously hang shelves above the doors, so that you make the best use of the space.

3. Use the space on the wall with hooks

Coat racks are both decorative and practical, as both children and adults can easily hang up jackets, bags or other things and help to keep order.

If the entrance is very narrow, a coat rack can appear very massive. Instead, distribute individual hooks on the walls and hang them at different heights so that everyone can reach them. It also gives the entrance a more dynamic look without it looking messy.

Tip:  If you hang hangers ready on the hooks, it invites you to hang up the outerwear neatly. It takes up less space and makes the jacket or coat part of the decor.

4. Get smart storage with functional furniture

Another obvious way to create functional and smart storage in the entrance hall is to furnish with multifunctional furniture – i.e. that one piece of furniture has several purposes. It can, for example, be a bench with storage, where you get both a place to sit and a storage solution that can keep your things out of the way. This is how you save space, while the things and functions you need are at your disposal.

5. Think outside the box

Functional storage solutions in the entrance hall are also about thinking outside the box and using your things in new, creative ways. For example, a  shoe cabinet , which only takes up a little space, can easily be used for purposes other than storing shoes. Hats, gloves and scarves can be conveniently stored away in the shoe cupboard. In this way, they are accessible at once and do not clutter up the entrance hall. On top of the shoe cabinet, there is just room for a tray for key storage.

6. Use baskets for storage

One can hardly say enough good things about boxes and baskets. They are perfect for sorting your things into suitable “portions”, they keep them out of the way, and if you have sorted effectively, it is easy to find your things again.

If there are several of you living under the same roof, it is easy to assign a basket to each, and with a name tag, everyone can easily find their things.

If you choose some boxes or baskets in a neutral style or color, they will not take up so much space visually, but will blend in with the wall or where they stand.

Tip : If one day you feel like giving the entrance hall a makeover, it’s easy to do by replacing the baskets. 

7. Mirrors can make the room look bigger

mirror does not in itself make a hallway tidier, but can, on the other hand, make it seem more spacious. With a large, beautiful mirror with a simple frame, you can bring more light into the room and make it look bigger. If you want a new cupboard for the entrance hall, you can advantageously choose one with mirrored doors.

8. Good habits

First and foremost, a tidy entrance hall is about creating some good habits. Make it a habit to put shoes in the shoe rack or shoe cabinet when you come in. Put the keys in the tray and hang the jacket on a hanger so that there is a hook free when the next person comes through the door. Put the bag in place and put hats and mittens in their basket or drawer.

Tip: You save time and effort by finding a permanent place for key storage. Give the keys a home in a tray or storage box so you always know where to find them. Also for safety reasons, it is a good idea to hide them out of the way.