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Style your home with curtains for many purposes

Date: June 13, 2023

Category: Homeware, Inspiration

Curtains are the perfect match between aesthetics and functionality and will elevate your home décor instantly.

They can be used for much more than dressing up windows and blocking out the sun. Use them to change your floor plan at the draw of a curtain or hide away clutter and messy shelves.

Stylish curtains with a touch of privacy

Two layered curtains are a great way to let in natural light and still maintain cosines and privacy in your living room.

With textiles in the living room, you create a calming atmosphere while at the same time adding a personal touch on your decor. Our curtain AGA are perfect for that light and flowy look.

Curtains as smart storage solutions

Do you want to hide all your stuff and clutter in a quick, easy, and decorative manner? Curtains bring softness and colours into your home and can be great for hiding clutter.

Use curtains to hide visually disturbing elements such as TV screens, pipes, or clutter. Look around your home and see if you have messy shelves that you could hide with a curtain.

Change your floor plan with long curtains

Finally, do you want to turn one room into two? Then use a curtain as a room divider to create a room within a room.

It is not always that a stationary wall is the best room divider – especially not if you are looking for a more flexible solution. If you want to separate your dining and living areas? Then a curtain can be a smart and flexible room divider. When you want to divide the room, you simply pull the curtain and vice versa when you want to open and create space.

Depending on what your need for room dividers is, you should think about the thickness of the curtains. A thinner curtain gives an airier impression, but you also see what is hidden on the other side, while a thicker curtain limits visibility and at the same time supports the acoustics of a room.

Our dimout curtain HITRA in a thicker quality will create instant privacy. Perfect if you need to divide sleeping and living space.