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A handful of Ideas to redecorate your home

Date: February 8, 2024

Category: Inspiration

make your space unique

The desire for personality-driven décor is on the rise.  Design trends are evolving.  Get inspired by our Scandinavian designs and create your own space that evokes positive vibes.  Save money while incorporating character to your place, by adding cushions, frames, curtains, shelves, artificial flowers, and plant pots to create a beautiful home.

It is always important to consider your personal style and preferences when redecorating your living space. Create a focal point in each room, such as propping up a mirror or hanging frames with captured memories.  Combine warm wood shades in a way that you infuse your décor with tones that bring warmth in the room. Use colours and patterns that add fun or luxury touches making your space unique and personalised.

add versatility with loose furniture

Loose furniture, are not built-in pieces attached to the structure of a room. These loose furniture items give home owners the versatility to add or remove each piece effortlessly and safely if needed. Cleaning is made easier and more practical, making this type of furniture the perfect addition for  your beloved home.

Loose furniture adds versatility and flexibility to your room design. When integrating loose furniture such as shelves, shelving units, console tables, bedside tables,           tv benches, and chest of drawers always consider the available space.  This type of furniture helps to create a multi-functional and multi-aspect living area.

Incorporate the right accents to your decor.

In 2024 saturated hues like deep greens, blues, and browns are becoming increasingly popular, as they create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.  These colours can be incorporated through throws, duvet cover sets, curtains and cushions.  Top international designers are stating that wood can bring warmth, depth, and an intimate feel that creates a serene scene – therefore opt for furniture pieces with stylish wooden finish. 

Strategically choose and arrange loose furniture and unique décor accessories, to create a stylish and functional living space that ticks both boxes – your needs and your aesthetic preferences.