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Buy air mattresses, air cushions, foam pads, self-inflating sleeping mats and accessories in all price ranges. Whether you are going on a camping holiday, at a festival or have overnight guests at home, you can find a good sleeping mat at JYSK.

We offer foam sleeping mats, self-inflating mats and single and double air mattresses in different sizes, so you can get a sleeping mat that suits your exact needs.

When choosing an air mattress, there are several things to think about, such as what the primary purpose of your mattress is – will it be used at home, in a tent, hiking or something completely different? It determines what height and width to choose, as well as whether you can use an electric pump or have to go with a manual. Some of our air mattresses come with built-in electric pump, and otherwise you can of course also find foot pumps, hand pumps and air pumps here at JYSK.

Air Beds

Air cushion FURNES W42xL26xH10
3/EACH3.99 /EACH
SAVE 25%
Roll mat HUMMELMOSE H0,6 light grey
4.50/EACH6.99 /EACH
SAVE 36%
Roll mat FJORDENGE H1,2 olive
10/EACH14.99 /EACH
SAVE 33%
Air bed ENGHAVE W70XL190XH23
11.50/EACH14.99 /EACH
SAVE 23%
Air bed ENGHAVE W130xL190xH23
23.50/EACH29.99 /EACH
SAVE 22%
Air bed ENGHAVE W149xL196xH23
27.50/EACH34.99 /EACH
SAVE 21%
50/EACH79.99 /EACH
SAVE 37%
Air bed BREDENG/FLOCKED H. 95x196xH39/46
55/EACH69.99 /EACH
SAVE 21%
Air bed BREDENG/FLOCKED H.156x201xH39/46
70/EACH89.99 /EACH
SAVE 22%
Air bed FLODENGE W97xL191xH46
80/EACH119 /EACH
SAVE 33%
Air bed VELOUR DURABEAM W152xL203xH46
95/EACH149 /EACH
SAVE 36%
Air bed URBAKKEN/FIBRE-T. W152xL203xH51
110/EACH139 /EACH
SAVE 21%

Air mattresses with many advantages

An air mattress has several functions and can be used throughout the year. The mattress functions both as a practical guest bed that is easy to pack away, and as a comfortable mattress that is easy to transport out of the house, both on holiday, on a tent trip, out under the open sky or on an overnight stay at family or friends’ house.

The mattress can be used both indoors, as an extra bed for overnight guests, and outdoors, where it can be used for many purposes, e.g. for holidays, for festivals, camping in a tent, as a sunbed in the garden or to take with you when you have to spend the night with friends and family. It is easy to transport, of course for the obvious reason that you can empty it of air and fold it to take up minimal space, but it is made even easier by the fact that many air mattresses in our range come with a storage bag. Some air mattresses also come with repair kits, so you can easily repair your mattress if it breaks while you’re on the go.

Large selection of air mattresses and accessories

In JYSK you will find air mattresses in many different designs, height and width. Some of our air mattresses even have a built-in pillow. The air mattresses are made of durable vinyl, and the top layer of our air mattresses consists of velour, which provides a soft and comfortable surface. We have single, one and a half and double air mattresses, some of which have a built-in electric pump. With a built-in pump, you can save time, as with an electric pump it only takes 2-4 minutes to inflate the mattress. Simply plug the electric pump into a wall outlet and it will do all the work for you.

If you buy an air mattress without a built-in pump, you can of course also buy a pump that works perfectly for the mattress here with us. In JYSK, we have several different air mattress pumps, for example a foot pump, hand pump and an air pump, which is an electronic pump to plug into the socket.

What type of air mattress to choose?

Even with an air mattress, you have to decide what needs you want your purchase to meet. Here you will get help to assess which mattress will cover your needs best.

  • The low air mattress is the mattress best suited for the tent trip. Here, the mattress should not be too high, because there is limited height in a tent cabin, as well as sloping tent fabric to the sides. In addition, the low air mattress also takes up significantly less space than the high ones, and is therefore easier to carry around.
  • The high air mattress is a good solution for a guest bed, as the height also makes for a better mattress. For many, the height makes the air mattress more comfortable to move in and out of, and you achieve better comfort during sleep.
  • The luxurious air mattress is for you who want to pamper your guests without it taking up space in everyday life. By choosing a mattress with an internal construction of nylon threads and air pockets, you achieve firmness as in a real bed. Here you get the ultimate sleep comfort for an air-based guest bed.

Different types of guest bed

Of course, an air mattress is just one option to make it comfortable for your overnight guests. If you want to consider other solutions, you can take a look at JYSK’s large selection of:

  • Folding mattresses
  • Guest beds
  • Sofa

No matter which solution you choose for your guests, you get good quality at sharp prices. The choice of bed solution for your guests depends of course on how much space you have in your home. A folding mattress, air mattress or dream bed are all easy to fold up and store away, so they do not take up an unnecessary amount of space in everyday life. When unfolded, they also take up limited space, and can be placed in a corner of the living room, or in the middle of the room, where there is empty floor space anyway.

A sofa bed, on the other hand, requires more space, and is usually a bed that stands firmly in the guest room or office. On the other hand, you achieve greater comfort when choosing a sofa bed, and you also get a practical double function, as the furniture can be used as an extra base for sofa cosiness and relaxation in the rhythm of everyday life.