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Brilliant storage solutions for small spaces

Date: August 8, 2023

Category: Inspiration

Space is a key element in every home, even more if you live in a compact place.  While living in a small space can be challenging and limiting, there are various ways to maximise every inch of your space.  In this article we’ll take a look at creative and practical manners in which you can maximise space

Room Divider with shelves that create space and order

When dealing with limited space, a room divider is essential for creating order.  They are designed to meet the need for storage.  These versatile and stylish dividers not only provide separation between spaces (ideal for open plans) but also offer extra storage like for example for books, frames, plants and everyday essentials.  If you use a corner to work from home, they come in handy to divide the space elegantly.  JYSK’s selection of smart room dividers and shelves with cabinets and drawers are both decorative and practical to make the most of every corner of your home.  Our dividers come in many sizes, colours and materials such as wood, metal, bamboo, oak and melamine.

Shoe Rack and Shoe Cabinet Combo mean no more shoes scattered around

Shoes all over the entryway create a disorganised look and clutter.  A shoe rack and/or cabinet are stylish and serve as a practical space to neatly organise all your and your family’s footwear.  The top can be utilised for decorative items such as vases or frames with your favourite memories.  These space-saving solutions have steel frames that are powder-coated, making them durable and sleek in looks.

Hallway Unit with Hidden useful Storage.

We often overlook hallways when it comes to storage.  But, they often present a great opportunity for functional and dual-purpose furniture.  Invest in units that add style to your interior decor and in addition offer additional storage.  Multi-purposes pieces come in handy in the form of vertical hooks for coats, shelves for keys, and concealed cabinets for additional storage such as for children’s toys.

Storage Bed to stow away out-of-season clothes and extra bed linen.

In the bedroom it is crucial not to waste any room.  Space is of essence.  A storage bed with compartments underneath the mattress provides ample space to store out-of-season clothes, travel apparel, not in season articles, and extra linen.  Our wooden bed frames are available in a variety of designs and colours including natural wood, white and wild oak. If you’re looking for practical storage solutions a selection of our bed frames come complete with built-in under bed storage. Our collection of bed frames range from single, double, king and super king which are guaranteed to suit every budget.


Traditional wardrobes are key to any home.  With hinged doors or sliding doors and in various dimensions, styles and finish they offer adjustable shelves, hanging rods and rails, drawers with full extension slides (support), and other built-in organisers to optimise the interior space.  Clothes and accessories will definitely be neatly arranged.  When space is really an issue, opt for a wardrobe that has sliding doors.  200×200 and 112×210 are two of the most popular wardrobe dimensions in Malta.

Baskets: A Versatile Storage Solution

Baskets are a simple yet highly effective way to maximise your space around your home.  They are charming and portable and are ideal to store anything from magazines to toys and laundry.  They come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes, and can be placed in any room from the bathroom to the bedroom or living room.

Their versatility allows you to shape your storage based on your daily needs and family preferences.  When not used, you can easily tuck them in corners or under furniture.

Benches with Hidden Storage Space: A godsend

Benches are another type of multi-purpose furniture.  They can be used to decorate, to serve as seating and also as storage containers.  Usually they’re placed in the living room, bedroom or entryway.  They help keep your rooms tidy and clutter-free.  TV Benches also have shelves and compartments that can be utilised to store technical peripherals.  Lift up seats, drawers and shelves are clever means of storage space in case of benches.

Lack of space does not necessarily mean sacrificing style and functionality.  Always, opt for multi-purpose furniture and clever storage solutions – and you’ll make space!

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