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Christmas gifts for every budget

Date: December 12, 2023

Category: Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes the gift shopping. We all know someone who has everything – perhaps your mother, your grandfather or even a business partner. We’ve put together a list of gift ideas divided into three price ranges, so you can find something both for those you love and for those you want to show consideration for.

Gifts at a reasonable price

What do you give to someone who already has everything? A good idea is to make a Christmas present that reflects the good times you have had together. Make a collage of photos, small pieces of paper and other memories, for example from a trip you’ve been on together or a concert you’ve been to. Put the collage in a frame and wrap it up – or combine it with a shelf where it can stand.

You can also find a few nice cushions for the armchair or sofa. Choose them in a style that goes well with the décor or a neutral classic style that fits into most homes.

Does the recipient love to be pampered? Consider giving a delicious wellness product . It’s a good way to show consideration, and the gift will ensure you a place in the thoughts of the happy recipient for a long time.

Mid-price gifts

A pair of nice, soft beach towels will suit most people. You can’t really have too many, and few choose to treat themselves to a new, delicious bath towel. That’s why it’s the perfect gift.

If you have extra money on hand, you can consider giving a nice lamp. It is not uncommon for people to underestimate how much lighting they need in the home, and therefore many people end up straining their eyes, for example when they are reading.

An elegant lamp is a really good way to show consideration and concern, and it can be used by most people. To be on the safe side, you can find a lamp with a classic look that suits all homes and styles.

You can also choose to pamper those you care about with delicious new bedding. At JYSK, we have a wide range of different bedding sets in many beautiful colours, materials and good quality.

Give a gift that impresses

Our JONSTRUP dining chair  is a favorite across Europe, and we see that as a sign that the design appeals to most people’s tastes. This also makes it a good Christmas gift idea. The Jonstrup chair decorates both the dining room and the office, so you can buy one or more – depending on where it is intended to stand and of course your budget.

mirror serves both a decorative and a functional purpose. It creates an optical illusion and can widen a narrow hallway or add wow factor to a room. And it’s also always nice to be able to check the hairstyle…

If you really want to impress, buy a duvet and pillow set. A comfortable high-quality duvet and pillow paves the way for a good night’s sleep. Think about what you know about the receiver and take a look at our duvet guide, where you can watch a video with good advice on choosing the right duvet.

Duvets and pillows come in different price ranges from low to high, so you can choose a set that suits both your budget and the needs of the lucky recipient.