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Dining table: Choose the right size

Date: December 19, 2023

Category: Inspiration

Are you looking for a new dining table, and are you unsure about which size fits your home and meets your needs? If you have ever thought “which dining table should I choose and what is the right size?” – you are not alone. In this guide you will find information about dining tables, their sizes and other aspects to consider, so that you are well equipped to make a decision and choose the perfect dining table for your home.

1: How big should the dining table be?

You probably have an idea of ​​which dining table you would like: number of seats, style, shape, etc. This is a good start, and then you just need to find a dining table that not only suits your wishes, but also your actual needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors you should consider before making the final decision on a new dining table.

Consideration 1: Number of seats

When looking for a new dining table, the first thing you should ask yourself is “How many people do I want to seat?” Do you want a dining table for 2, a 4-person dining table, a 6-person dining table, or perhaps a dining table for 12 people? The best starting point is to assess how many seats you need on a regular basis – a dining table must be functional and have room for all members of your household. 

Rule of thumb: 60 cm per person.

It is a good rule of thumb to calculate minimum 60 centimeters for each seat. With 60 cm per seating area, most people can sit comfortably with sufficient elbow room. However, remember that more space is usually preferable, especially if those who regularly sit around the table are adults.

Consideration 2: Shape of the dining table

Next, you should consider what shape the dining table should have. The shape of a dining table is a large part of its visual expression and affects both the dining area and your home as a whole. Rectangular and round tables are generally the most common. Square and oval dining tables are more rare. You probably already have an idea of ​​which shape you prefer, but think through whether it suits your needs and your dining area – both in terms of style and in the space you have available. Read more about the shape and size of the dining table later in this guide.

It can be difficult to choose between a rectangular and round dining table because they each have their own qualities when it comes to aesthetics, functionality, possibility of expansion and overall effect on your dining area.

Consideration 3: Extension of dining tables

Do you like to hold dinner parties or invite friends and family over? Many homes are unable to accommodate a dining table for 12 people, but here a pull-out dining table is a fantastic, versatile and practical option. A dining table with additional plates has room for more guests when the situation calls for it. If your home is on the smaller end of the scale and your dining area is limited, a smaller dining table with additional plates offers the best of both worlds – good space in everyday life and extra space for guests when needed.

Most dining tables with extensions will be rectangular or square, while fewer round dining tables come with additional plates. Some tables are extended from the middle, where the table is pulled apart and the additional plates are placed in the opening in the middle. Others are extended at the end of the table, where the additional plates are attached. Be sure to check details like these when considering an extendable dining table.

Consideration 4: Height, size and shape of your dining room chairs

When you have to buy a new dining table, you must remember that your dining table chairs also play an important role. Most dining tables fall within a standard height of 75 cm and dining chairs have a standard seat height of 45-48 cm. In most cases, the two will match each other. However, small variations in either the dining table or the dining table chairs can mean that they don’t fit together in the way you would expect. If the dining table chair, for example, has armrests, it may not fit completely under the dining table. If the dining table has a plinth instead of legs, it may be difficult to push the dining table chairs all the way in.

The most common rectangular dining tables are available with a width of 90 cm and lengths between 160-180 cm. There are of course shorter tables, such as 90 x 140 cm, as well as longer dining tables of 190 x 200 cm. The width of the dining table can also vary; this rarely affects the seating around the table and simply gives more space for crockery, serving dishes and decorations.

This illustration shows the most common rectangular dining table sizes. The semicircles represent seating, with the dotted line versions showing the possibility of placing one person at either end of the table. Remember that the number of seats is based on each person having 60 cm of space.

3: Overview of sizes: Round dining table

It can be difficult to see how many seats there are around a round dining table. The illustration below shows the most common sizes of round tables and the number of seats around them when calculating 60cm per square. person. In most cases, an oval dining table can be treated like a rectangular one when it comes to how many people can sit around it – however, you’ll probably be able to fit two people at each end instead of just one. 

The “Ø” symbol represents the diameter of a round dining table – i.e. the distance from side to side in a circle.

4: Table of sizes: Dining tables with extension

Extendable dining tables do not take up more than is absolutely necessary in everyday life, but can be quickly expanded so you have extra seats. So you don’t need to buy, for example, a 6-person dining table – you can instead go for a 4-person table with extension. 

Get guidance at your nearest JYSK store

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