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Freshen up your home with artificial plants

Date: July 31, 2023

Category: Inspiration

Green plants give life and warmth to a minimalist interior, but can also have a calming effect in homes with many things and colors. Flowers and plants are perfect for completing a room, but if you don’t have green fingers, it can be difficult to keep all the plants alive.

Some may frown when they think of artificial plants , but there’s no reason to. At JYSK, we have a wide selection of artificial, lifelike plants, so you can easily freshen up your home.

Why decorate with artificial plants?

Another advantage is that you can place artificial plants wherever you want. No need to consider temperature or whether they get too little or too much light.

With lifelike artificial plants, your home will always look fresh and inviting. The same also pleases your outdoor space. Use artificial garden plants to freshen up the terrace or balcony.

Finally, artificial plants are a good solution if someone in your household has allergies that make certain real plants impossible.

Artificial plants for the garden and balcony

Everyone has a place in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace, where it is difficult to create a green oasis. This may be because there is too much shade or sun, or because there is no water. In some places it is windy, which makes it difficult to decorate with plants and flowers. Artificial plants can be a big help here. Make it easy for yourself and decorate your outdoor space with artificial outdoor plants :

Artificial plant THORULF H100cm green
22.50/EACH29.99 /EACH
SAVE 25%
Artificial plant GODSKE D.18xH75cm
17.50/EACH24.99 /EACH
SAVE 30%

Artificial garden plants can also function as room dividers on the terrace. If you have a large garden, use artificial garden plants and planters to separate your lounge area from the dining area.

All you have to do is enjoy the sight of the beautiful artificial outdoor plants and remember to protect them in bad weather, just like you would with real plants.

How to clean artificial plants

Artificial plants don’t need water or fertilizer, but they still need a little care. Dust in particular will settle on your artificial plants.

Keep your artificial plants looking good by wiping them down with a damp cloth. You don’t need any special cleaning agent, as you usually only need to remove dust. But be sure to dry gently to preserve the shape and color of the leaves.

Artificial plant ASGAR H24cm green
9.75/EACH13.99 /EACH
SAVE 30%
Artificial plant STEINAR D.25xH30cm w/pot
8.50/EACH11.99 /EACH
SAVE 29%