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Give your home a personal touch

Date: July 31, 2023

Category: Inspiration

If you want to make your home reflect your personal style you’ll want to avoid following every piece of advice the latest interior magazines are giving. Instead, you should think of your interior design as you would with your style of clothes. Your style should reflect you and not necessarily the current trends. Do you have a quirky flare or a love for industrial design? Perhaps you’re most content in a quaint country cottage setting? Whatever you’re preference make sure it shines through into your home interior design.

Focus on “contrasts”

The essence of personal interior design lies in the contrasts. Most of us are familiar with the trend of making sure that colours, materials and styles all match. But when it comes to a personal and unique home design, not everything has to match perfectly. There should be room for serenity and intimacy, and there are many ways of creating contrasts:

  • Colour vs monochrome black and white
  • New vs Old
  • Wood vs Steel
  • Edgy vs Organic

Contrasts can generate a dynamic look, you can create contrast by using all sorts of elements. For example, take a metal, structured dining chair and combine it with a more rounded, wooden table. 

Use personal items as decorative pieces

Personal home style focuses on details, and there should be room for quirky details as this is what gives your interior design a unique touch. Use things you’ve collected on your travels or had made to remember a significant date or event or any other bits and bobs that mean something to you. Display them on bookcases or wall shelves to give depth and textures to your interior design. Just make sure your home doesn’t turn into a museum of things you have collected your whole life!

Use colours for their meaning

Make your home a place that reflects your personality by incorporating your favourite colours into your design. Each colour has significant meanings and can invoke an emotional response whilst being in its presence. Take a look at the below meanings for these colours to consider before choosing how to approach your interior design. 

  • Red – powerful, bold, increases self-confidence and passion
  • Yellow – happiness, cheerful and increases focus
  • Orange – allows expression of self-confidence and decreases hostility
  • Green – represents fresh starts, growth and healing as well as nature and life’s riches
  • Blue – calming, brings peace and harmony

Inject new life into your living room with sofa cushions in your chosen colour, preferably accompanied by a throw or some other decorative accessory that has a touch of the same colour. By using a recurring colour in interior decoration, it creates unison and pulls together the look of a room.

Throw ISSOLEIE 130×150 beige
10/EACH12.99 /EACH
SAVE 23%
Throw AMASONLILJE 130×170 rose/beige
17.50/EACH24.99 /EACH
SAVE 30%

Have a major clear out

The majority of us will admit to having purchased one or two items that we later regret. That is not necessarily a negative thing, because sometimes a makeover is needed. This is a perfect time to get rid of mistaken purchases.

A good way to start clearing up is to take a pad of Post-Its and attach labels to the items, which you perhaps regret buying, or which you do not feel fit in with your personal design. Then take a look at the things where you have attached labels, and put the items you can live without up for sale or donate them to a local charity shop so others can get some joy from your items. Perhaps some of your mistaken purchases will result in both money and space for new items, which can support a more personalised interior design.