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Sleeping positions: Choose the right mattress when sleeping on your side, back or stomach

Date: June 21, 2023

Category: Sleep

Your sleeping position determines the type of mattress you should choose. For example, if you sleep on your side, choose a mattress with one type of firmness, and if you sleep on your back, choose another. There are a lot of good mattresses to choose from on the market. The trick is therefore to designate a mattress that suits your exact needs. In JYSK, we are happy to help you find a mattress that gives you the support you need in your sleeping position, and at the same time matches your budget.

Which mattress to choose for your sleeping position?

During one night you lie in many different positions. Therefore, choosing a mattress that fits one particular sleeping position may seem like an illogical exercise. The explanation follows: When we talk about your sleeping position, it is the position in which you fall asleep. It is in this position where you need to have the best conditions to relax your muscles so that you can fall into deep sleep as soon as possible. The less time you spend falling into deep sleep, the more rested you will wake up the next morning.

Sleeping positions can generally be divided into three categories:

  • You sleep lying on your side
  • You sleep lying on your back
  • You sleep lying on your stomach

Choose this type of mattress if you sleep on your side

You should choose a medium-firm mattress if you sleep on your side. When lying on your side, your mattress should allow the hip and shoulder to sink down. Precisely this option, a medium-firm mattress gives you, and therefore it gives you the best support through the night.

Choose this mattress if you sleep on your back

You should choose a firm mattress or an extra firm mattress if you sleep on your back. When sleeping on your back, you need support in the lower back and neck. You should lie perfectly straight and avoid bending your upper body and lower back. If you lie on your back on a mattress with soft zones to the shoulder and hip, you sink far into the mattress and you risk waking up with soreness in the neck and lower back. A firm or extra extra-firmer mattress typically does not have the deep shoulder zone that a medium-firm mattress has.

Choose this mattress if you sleep on your stomach

There are no ergonomic benefits to sleeping on your stomach. On the contrary, it’s a sleeping position you should preferably try to avoid. When you lie on your stomach, it can be a symptom that a mattress is either too firm or too soft and thus does not fit your body.

“The body is not built to lie on your stomach for an entire night.”
– Peter, Category Manager, JYSK

If you are lying on your stomach, it may therefore be a good idea to investigate the possibilities of investing in another mattress.

Which mattress fits which sleeping position?

Why is it important to sleep right?

The sooner you fall into a deep sleep and relax your body, the more you reduce the risk of an unhealthy sleep that can have a negative impact on your health: If you sleep right, you wake up and are well rested in both body and mind.