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The buyer’s 3 favourite innovations in interiors

Date: September 22, 2023

Category: Inspiration

Twice a year, our home furnishing buyer, Tina Nymann, puts her favorites among the season’s range in the spotlight. About the new items, she says: “I think this time of year calls for warmth, togetherness and small pleasant moments with friends and family. That is why I have chosen three of my favorites from the new range, which create a good framework for quality time and happy moments at home. 


The first of Tina’s favorites is the INGBERT vase – an elegant and classic white vase with a touch of retro, due to the beautiful embossed pattern on the vase neck. The vase’s soft expression and organic shapes give it an eye-catching presence while still being calm and blending well into the background. With its light beige glazing with gray streaks, each INGBERT vase is unique. The small LAUST artificial bouquet goes wonderfully with the INGBERT vase, as its muted colors in beige, pink and green match the calm expression of the vase. 

The combination of the beige stained vase and the tealight holder in natural wood adds a calm and warm atmosphere to the home, especially with a beautiful bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers, like the LAUST bouquet, in the vase. 

JOHAN tealight holder in wood

Tina’s second favorite is the JOHAN tealight holder, which is made of mango wood. Tealight holders are typically modest decorative objects in the home, but JOHAN easily steals the limelight, as with its beautiful, raw expression in natural wood, it showcases nature’s materials from their best side. Wooden floors and wooden furniture have long been cornerstones of interior design in Danish homes, and lately decorations in natural wood have also made inroads. Whether your home is furnished with natural wood or not, JOHAN fits perfectly into the interior of any home.  

The third favorite within interiors is the TOMMY floor vase. A trend that has really caught on recently is decorating the home with large floor vases – in other words, large vases that are placed on the floor. With volume and height, the TOMMY floor vase can lift the decor in your home to new heights – both figuratively and in a concrete sense.

The color of the vase is a mixture of delicate shades of brown, green and grey, which gives it a rustic look. Because its color is calm and muted, it will fit into your home, regardless of the style it is decorated in. The TOMMY floor vase is also a perfect match with INGVALD, an artificial branch with a very realistic expression and beautiful yellow flowers.