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Which mattress topper is best? Here are two good suggestions

Date: August 29, 2023

Category: Sleep

There are many benefits to adding a good mattress topper to your bed. In this article, we present two of the best top mattresses from our range. Use the examples in the article for inspiration, so you have a good starting point for choosing exactly the top mattress that suits you best. With a mattress topper, you can adjust how soft or firm your bed feels. Basically, you cannot change the general support or comfort of the bed with a mattress topper, but you can adjust the softness of the top layer of the bed.

A mattress topper can also extend the life of your bed. You can replace the mattress topper instead of replacing the bed. Sooner or later you will need to replace your bed because the mattress wears out. Whether a new mattress topper can extend the lifespan by one or five years depends on the condition of the bed, but it is a solution you can use if you want to wait to buy a new bed.

The best mattress toppers

In the following section, we present two mattress toppers from our range, each of which is among the best mattress toppers in their category. Keep in mind, however, that our range contains a much larger selection of mattress toppers than those mentioned here. 

The best high top mattress

Do you have a preference for a soft mattress topper that you can really sink into and be enveloped by? Then the WELLPUR GOLD T65 model is for you. The special characteristic of this top mattress is the height. With a core height of six cm, the WELLPUR GOLD T65 is a high top mattress, which means that you get plenty of soft material to sink into.

The core of WELLPUR GOLD T65 is pressure-relieving memory foam and AIR memory foam, which quickly molds to the body with a cooling gel. The cooling gel helps you maintain a comfortable body temperature, which is especially beneficial if you tend to get hot during the night. The foam in the mattress is also temperature-independent. Some types of foam become firm and a bit shapeless in a cool bedroom, but the foam in WELLPUR GOLD T65 can take shape according to your body regardless of the temperature.

WELLPUR GOLD T65 is a good choice if you have a preference for the soft, enveloping feel, but it can also make getting out of bed a little difficult as you sink into the material. Therefore, it is a good combination if you place the mattress topper on top of a spring mattress, where the springs give you a little push out of bed. Due to its height, the model is an ideal match for people who prefer to sleep on their side. If you sleep on your back, you will probably place greater value on a lower mattress topper.

The best medium height mattress topper

GOLD T30 has several of the same qualities as WELLPUR GOLD T65. The mattress topper gives your bed a softer feel and can extend the life of your bed. The core consists of AIR memory foam, which quickly molds to the body, and the cover is quilted with AIR memory foam.

The big difference between the two top mattresses is the height. GOLD T30 has a core height of 4.5 cm. It is lower than the WELLPUR GOLD T65, but the difference in the softness of the mattress is significant. The model is therefore an obvious choice if you prefer a soft feeling when you lie in your bed, but not quite as soft as WELLPUR GOLD T65. In other words, it’s a matter of taste, which is a good reason to test the top mattresses in your local JYSK before you make a decision. With its lower height and less softness, the GOLD T30 is a better choice if you sleep on your back than the WELLPUR GOLD T65. It is also not challenging to get out of bed in the same way as it can be with a higher mattress topper.

At JYSK, we have a range that includes mattress toppers for every need, every preference and every price