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Artificial Christmas Trees with an authentic touch

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree. But buying a tree every year can be expensive! There is a certain tradition in having to go out and buy a new Christmas tree every year, but nonetheless, there are many benefits to an artificial Christmas tree. Lets think about the environment, these trees can be recycled year after year, which is why there is an economic gain in choosing a faux Christmas tree. Also, artificial Christmas trees do not shed, so you do not have to clean up the dropped needles around the home. At JYSK you will find a beautiful selection of artificial Christmas trees on stands or in pots. There’s also loose branches with Christmas berries, wreaths and garlands. Some of the trees and wreaths have built-in LED lights and a smart built-in timer. You can buy trees and wreaths for both indoor and outdoor use. Decorate your new tree with beautiful Christmas tree decorations and lights.

Christmas Trees

Artificial flower JUL H33cm red
2.50/EACH4.99 /EACH
SAVE 50%
Twigs SAFRAN H70cm gold
4/EACH5.99 /EACH
SAVE 33%
Twigs BILLING L70cm w/cones
5/EACH6.99 /EACH
SAVE 28%
Artificial flower GAVE H107cm natural
10/EACH14.99 /EACH
SAVE 33%
Artificial tree BOL D.10xH46cm green
12/EACH14.99 /EACH
SAVE 20%
Christmas tree GROSSULAR H60cm green
17.50/EACH22.99 /EACH
SAVE 24%
Artificial flower KLEMENTIN H65cm
17.50/EACH24.99 /EACH
SAVE 30%
Artificial tree GRANE H75 w/30LED
23.50/EACH29.99 /EACH
SAVE 22%
Artificial tree BERLINGR H90cm w/LED
55/EACH69.99 /EACH
SAVE 21%
Christmas tree NIDUD H180cm green
100/EACH129 /EACH
SAVE 22%

Christmas Trees