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Back to school. Home study space essentials

Date: September 5, 2023

Category: Inspiration

Summer 2023 is drawing to an end, so it is time to ramp up for the upcoming scholastic year.  Having a well-prepared home environment will definitely enhance your kids’ productivity.  Create an atmosphere which is ideal for studying and learning.  In this short article, we’ll touch upon the main elements of the preparations including the selection of products that can be found at JYSK Malta.

Create the perfect study space at home with a computer desk

A functional desk, which can be adjustable, is the cornerstone of a productive study area, providing a space to get organised and concentrate on one’s studies.  White, black, oak, natural – a wide range of colours and finishes make desks a nice addition to spare bedrooms or home officesAdjustable desks are ideal as they can be adapted to the preferred sitting (or standing) position, leading to better posture and less strain on the neck and back during long study stretches.  Drawers, in-built shelves and compartments (with or without doors) offer space for textbooks and other academic materials.

Stylish, comfortable and ergonomic office chairs

Comfort during study hours is crucial.  Ensure your office chair provides the right level of support in ergonomic fashion.  Pair your desk with one of our stylish chairs.  A number of ergonomic gaming chairs are also available in stock.  Flip-up armrests, Friction casters, Gas lift, Lumbar support, and Stepless tilt mechanism are only a few of the features one finds in the top-of-the range array of chairs available.  When investing in a comfortable and ergonomic chair, this contributes to maintaining focus during study periods.  Gaming chairs offer dual-purpose comfort, as they can be used while enjoying some time chilling while playing your favourite video games yet they offer excellent support and comfort which makes them ideal for study and play time.

Get your study space in order with these organising essentials

Clutter-free study areas contribute to better focus and concentration.  Organise your textbooks, lecture notes, worksheets and notebooks in shelving units and bookcases.  These keep all your academic materials neatly arranged.  Stationary, cables and gadgets can additionally be stored in baskets, which will also serve as interior decor.

Get proper lighting

It is a known fact that having proper lighting is key to reduce eye strain and maintain focus, when studying, working on assignments or thesises or doing daily homework.  Go for adjustable lamps with different lighting settings and place them strategically to prevent shadows in your workspace

Make your study space comfortable

Add comfort to your workspace or study space with carpets or rugs – these add warmth during colder months.  Laptop support stands help ensure you work comfortably and ergonomically.  Chair mats and laptop support stands offer practical solutions to make your home study or workspace complete.  Office essentials and accessories, help both to add a stylish touch to your space and to help you and yours in their studies and work from home.

Controlling natural light is paramount! Therefore you choose whether to let light in or not.  JYSK Malta has a varied selection of curtains and blinds that do the job, look great, and don’t cost the earth. They come in a variety of styles, colours and fabrics that help you complete that Nordic Scandinavian look.