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Benefits of a mattress topper

Date: June 27, 2023

Category: Sleep

What exactly are the benefits of using a mattress topper? A mattress topper, or a top mattress, is a genuine mattress enhancer that complements your mattress and improves your sleep quality. It even has the power to turn a mediocre or poor mattress into one that gives you a comfortable and relaxed sleep. What is more, a top mattress can prolong the lifetime of your mattress, and save you money in the long run.

What is a top mattress?

A top mattress is basically a thick (around 5cm) mattress that goes on top of your regular mattress. Do not mistake it for a mattress pad (or mattress protector), which is a thinner and flexible mattress. A mattress pad is the final layer between the (top) mattress and the sheet and primarily serves a hygienic purpose.

Complement a thin mattress with a thick mattress topper

Perhaps you’re not quite after a whole new mattress just yet, or your current mattress isn’t quite up to standard. A top mattress can then make up for both situations. It can serve as a compensation if your mattress is too firm or too soft, or if your body’s pressure on the mattress has changed and you lie less comfortably than you used to. An old mattress will come back to life with the right top mattress.

Do you have a good mattress already?

Even if you already have a high quality mattress, complementing it with a top mattress is a great idea. It supports the pressure points of your body, covers the mattress and improves your sleep quality. All in all, the top mattress will prolong the lifetime of your mattress:

  • It protects the mattress against moisture
  • It protects the mattress against wear and tear
  • It increases the durability of the mattress’s shape 

It’s a good idea to change the upper layer of your bed every five years, this way you avoid an accumulation of dust mites. If the upper layer is a mattress, this can get rather expensive, hence why a top mattress is also an investment. With some top mattresses, you can remove the cover and wash it to eradicate dust mites. If not, it is still much cheaper to replace a top mattress on a regular basis than it is to replace a mattress or an entire bed.

Are there any drawbacks?

Not really. If you worry that the bed will look untidy because the sheet can no longer cover it, there is no need to. You can find sheets that have a big enough depth to cover the 3-5 centimetres that the top mattress adds to the bed.

Which top mattress should I choose?

Which top mattress you choose is highly individual. Do you prefer your bed to be firm or soft? Do you like it cool or warm when you sleep? Take some time to consider these questions, and if you’re still not sure then you can always check with a team member in-store. Find more about choosing the right mattress in the first place if you aren’t sure about your bed.