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Guide: Choose the right office chair

Date: September 6, 2023

Category: Inspiration

When looking for a new office chair , there are several things to consider: What kind of material do you prefer? Imitation leather is easy to clean, but fabric can be more comfortable – especially in warm periods. How much back support do you want? Do you have an office, or should your new office chair fit into your dining room or living room? In this blog post, we guide you through some of the different options you have at JYSK.

Traditional office chairs

If you like to sit comfortably, the TJELE desk chair is for you. With a high back, padded seat, back and armrests, it is a good choice of office chair. TJELE can be adjusted in height and is super comfortable, even when you sit down for long periods. The surface is made of synthetic leather and is easy to clean and maintain.

SKODSBORG has the same quality look as TJELE, but has a fabric surface that can feel more comfortable against the thighs and back when you sit down for long periods. SKODSBORG is also available in black.

ASPERUP is an office chair that is worth extra consideration if you want an even more comfortable experience. It’s fabric and mesh, which is an airy material that’s very comfortable in the summer months or if you’re struggling with heat in general.

Good office chairs with style

If you don’t have a dedicated office but work in the living room, you might prefer a chair with a slightly less office-like look.

KOKKEDAL is a stylish choice – an office chair with and adjustable height.

GAMING chair RANUM with LED black

The LEGEND RANUM black gaming chair is every gamer’s dream – illuminating your gaming setup with the massive LED turned to max brightness. RANUM is packed with light effects – but it is also created for the gamer who demands quality throughout their gaming equipment.