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Interior design tips for an office in the living room

Date: June 30, 2023

Category: Inspiration, Living Room

Are you missing one room in your home where there is space to furnish an office? It’s a classic problem for many, and it’s not always easy to think of creative interior design options if you’re short on space. But with the arrangement of an office in the living room, you can solve the problem.

Furnishing of combined living room with office

There are many creative and inspiring ways to arrange an office space in the home. For example, you can decorate a corner or a wall in the living room for an office. In this way, you also get optimal use of the space in the living room, and you can sit and work at the desk while the children play or watch TV in the background.

Different solutions for furnishing the office in the living room

Most people will choose an arrangement where the desk blends in somewhat with the rest of the room. That way, the desk is not too conspicuous. It is important that you make your desk in the living room an integral part of the room – the office space in the living room does not necessarily have to look like an office. In fact, it can become a really cozy space, which makes it less annoying to do the often boring office work. Place the desk towards a window so you can enjoy the view while you work.

Use the corner of the living room for an office

A corner of your living room can be the perfect place to furnish one desk space. Instead of placing a large armchair, which you may only rarely sit in, a corner is often an unused space in the living room. In a corner, for example, there can be space for a single desk, a chair and perhaps a small bookcase for storage. Just remember to choose materials that match the style of the rest of the living room.

Give the wall new life

Another furnishing option could be to place a desk against a wall. It should be a simple desk without different storage drawers or anything else, as it will look too heavy. Our Height adj. desk SLANGERUP is simple in its expression and therefore does not make noise in the room. 

Think about new furnishing options

A combined arrangement of your living room with both dining table space, sofa and desk gives your space more depth. The idea of ​​gathering several different rooms into one opens up new furnishing solutions in the living room, and it also makes your living room seem larger. You just have to remember not to overcrowd the living room with furniture and interior, as this can make your living room look crowded. Our stylish and simple desk TAMHOLT quickly becomes a natural part of the living room, as it does not take up much space. 

Desk for the living room in a simple design

When you arrange an office in your living room, it is important that you choose furniture with a simple design that makes the room larger rather than large and heavy furniture that makes the room appear smaller.

For example, you can choose a simple and clean desk that matches the Scandinavian style that is seen in many homes. The desk also does not take up much space and therefore will not look overwhelming in your living room. Place your desk freely in the room to create a modern and interesting look. Our desk ABBETVED has a light expression, which makes it suitable for standing freely in your living room. 

Make optimal use of the space in your home

With the arrangement of a desk in the living room, you ensure optimal use of the space. For many, it is a really good solution if they have a lack of space in the apartment or house. With a creative and innovative design, you can find new possibilities in your rooms – new possibilities that give you more space.

Keep order - storage for office things and other clutter

Furnishing an office in the living room means that you have to keep order and clean up the desk. It spoils your decor and creates a messy and unfinished impression if you have things lying around on the desk.

One idea could be to get some wicker storage baskets or other smart storage boxes that you either place directly on the desk or on some shelves that you hang on the wall next to the desk. That way, you can quickly put your things away and still have everything you need close at hand.

It is important that you keep in mind that an office in the living room must neither take up too much space nor create too much unrest. Your desk in the living room should function as an integral part of the room. This way you get the most enjoyment out of your home office.