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Serene Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your better half

Date: February 13, 2024

Category: Inspiration

Elevate your Space for Love

Elevate your Space for Love by transforming your home into a loved-filled heaven for you and your significant other with our warmth and elegant Scandinavian pieces. You can choose from an intimate homemade dinner, a movie night in the comfort of your living room, a homey spa date or a sunset picnic adventure surrounded with nature!

Nothing beats the Romance of a Homemade Dinner

Unfold your cooking skills to a master chef level and surprise your partner with creativity! A homemade dinner needs patience and time, such a flavourful meal must be plated harmoniously with a proper set of plates, cutlery and glasses, doing justice to your creation. Complement, this romantic dinner with the right ambience: begin by setting the mood by lighting up some candles and playing those wonderful songs you both love.

Movie night at the comfort of your living room

Get ready, as a movie night in the comfort of your living room is the ticket to a cosy Valentine’s escape within the confines of your own home. Enjoying a romantic date with your favourite person and delicious snacks will be easy to set up, by letting your imagination flow. Add extra layers of comfort with the right type of soft cushions, blankets, and throws. Dim the lights and use candles or fairy lights to create a soft, romantic glow. Remember, to silence the phones and create a technology-free zone to fully immerse yourselves into a proper movie night experience!

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How about arranging a Spa Date?

Transform your bath into a sanctuary of love for Valentine’s Day. Create a serene evening ambience under the candlelight by adding luxury with rose petals and bath salts to a warm, inviting tub. Play some romantic music to enhance the atmosphere, and complete the experience with tasty treats, perhaps chocolate-covered strawberries, or a fruit platter with a refreshing bottle of wine.

Remember to include soft, plush towels and cosy robes await after the bath, ensuring comfort at every step. This romantic spa at home offers a perfect blend of tranquillity and connection, fostering a memorable and intimate shared experience.