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Outdoor products that can be utilised indoors

Date: August 21, 2023

Category: Garden, Inspiration

Bringing garden-friendly products to your interior space

Infuse your indoor living space with natural charm using versatile products that can easily add beauty to your outdoor space and indoors alike.  Below we will explore a good number of products that bring a touch of the outdoors to your dining room, living room and bedroom quarters.

Garden Planters

These garden planters are not limited to solely garden use – their style, finish and materials, such as steel, recycled polyethylene, recycled polypropylene and stone powder, complement many interior decors.  They are ideal to be placed next to windows or in corners to bring some greenery to your home’s living space.  The vast majority of our garden planters can be utilised as room dividers apart from being used as decoration around your living space or home office.


Our range of outdoor benches can easily find space in your indoor space.  They most-often perfectly fit living rooms and bedrooms.  Steel with powder coating finish is a style that fits well with various types of finish such as minimalistic and rustic.  Some benches can even be placed in hallways and corridors to help create depth and storage space.

Outdoor Chairs

Outdoor chairs such as Chair RAVNEBAKKE white and Chair RAVNEBAKKE dark grey can easily double up as living room chairs.  Adding soft cushions enhances comfort and adds a more ‘indoor look and feel’.

Lounge Furniture

Garden-inspired lounge furniture helps create a harmonious interior decor in living rooms and relaxation areas such as games rooms.  They add a stylish touch to your home and can also serve a dual purpose of outdoor, during the three hundred days of sunshine, and indoor during the winter days.  All these articles are easy to clean, and were designed for both indoor and outdoor use.  Lounge tables, such as Ugilt, can be used as coffee tables in your dining room space.

Shelves and Outdoor Lanterns

Garden-inspired shelves can be nice indoor decor items that help you incorporate potted plants and cacti to your interior.  Similarly, outdoor lanterns can be placed inside to create a cosy and intimate ambiance. 

TIP: place them on dining tables or corner cabinets to add a touch of outdoor charm indoors.

Storage Options

The maintenance-free cushion box storage definitely comes in handy as a means of storage indoors as well.  This versatile storage piece is not only well-suited for your garden or yard, but its spacious design, makes it an ideal indoor storage solution.  It is undoubtedly an attractive and functional way to organise your indoor space