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Prepare your terrace or balcony for winter

Date: December 2, 2023

Category: Christmas

Even in cold and dark autumn and winter months, you can make use of your balcony or terrace. In dry weather, you can use it for gatherings or cooking, and in any weather you can use it both for decoration and for more practical purposes.

Get our best ideas for the balcony and terrace and to get the most out of your outdoor space in this blog post.

1. Create shelter from wind and weather

If you want to make it a pleasant experience to stay on the terrace or balcony this winter, you must first create shelter. Plant some shrubs or trees, and if it’s not gardening season, use artificial trees or plants in tall planters.

2. Keep warm

Be sure to have a few warm throws on hand, and lay a blanket on the tiles. Blankets add an extra insulating layer and prevent the cold from seeping up.

3. Make it cozy

Light chains and lanterns are an essential part of your winter décor. Do not only use them for Christmas, but turn them on as soon as it gets darker and colder and enjoy the cozy sight from the living room.

4. Cook outside

When cooking outside, you don’t have to worry about cooking fumes and grease stains, and all your fresh herbs are at your fingertips. Light the grill and cook a meal for family or friends. Use food-grade plastic containers for your ingredients and baskets for the utensils you need so you don’t have to run back and forth to the kitchen.

5. Make room for more

The balcony or terrace is a convenient place for storing things that you don’t have space for indoors. Make sure the storage solution you choose is both waterproof and frostproof to protect your belongings.

6. Hang your laundry to dry

If your balcony or terrace is covered, it is ideal for drying laundry. It may take longer than in the warmer part of the year, but it is the combination of heat, moisture and airflow that dries the clothes. This means that even if it is not very hot, the laundry still dries if the humidity is low and the airflow high.