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The Santa Clauses are moving in

Date: November 7, 2023

Category: Christmas

Santas and their history go back a long way, and they have long been an essential part of the Danish Christmas. Santas, elves and other Christmas creatures come in an incredible number of varieties and forms, and especially the more modern interpretations of the elves have become very popular in recent years. With a combination of joy, simple designs and heart-warming colours, the gnomes are perfect for decorating the little cosy corners in the home – for example on corner tables, coffee tables , window sills, by the fireplace and even on the Christmas tree. No matter which type of Santa you prefer, one thing is certain – they will add a lot of cosines and Christmas spirit to your home like no other. 


The MUGGLESTEN Santa Claus is a modern version of the traditional Santa Claus. He is a mischievous elf of the friendly type with a large elf hat, a round nose and a large gray beard. MUGGLESTEN is available in two sizes – a large version of 31 cm and a smaller version of 17 cm . That’s why you will always be able to find the perfect place for the MUGGLESTEN on your windowsill, on the shelf or any other place from which Santa can spread the Christmas cheer.  

Santa Claus NABBI

Like his cousin, MUGGLESTEN, Santa Claus NABBI wears a large elf hat in addition to his long white beard. NABBI is really good at finding the best places to sit down to rest their legs after long Christmas days filled with Santa pranks. He will undoubtedly be good at getting everyone in the home into the Christmas mood. 

Get into the Christmas spirit with Christmas reindeer and Christmas mice

Elves are not the only important companions of Santa Claus. His helpers include the Christmas mouse GYLVE as well as some of his most faithful reindeer, JULKLAPP and RAN, who also have important tasks to perform during the Christmas season. What they all have in common is that they are nice and soft companions who can help you celebrate Christmas in the best way. 

Soft Christmas friends such as JULKLAPP, RAN and GYLVE are really good at adding Christmas atmosphere and Christmas cheer to the home. Elves are of course not the only thing a fantastic Christmas decoration consists of – get inspiration for how you can create Christmas season decorations, ornaments and homeware trends.