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Discover the secret to a Restful Night's Sleep with JYSK

JYSK understands the importance of quality sleep as a fundamental pillar of overall health and well-being. We offer a wide range of products to choose from that will certainly improve your goals of a deep sleep, as we all have different preferences and needs. Whether you are looking to get the perfect mattress or the best ergonomic pillow, at JYSK we are ready to help you in making the right decision, aligned with your vision of a Restful Night’s Sleep.

JYSK Bed Guide

The bed and mattress are the foundation for a great night’s sleep. Therefore, your mattress must give you exactly the support and comfort that you need and deserve. This guide helps you to identify your needs and get an overview of the range of mattresses and beds at JYSK, such as:

  • Mattress pads and top mattresses: A mattress pad thus provides you with a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable sleep environment. The top mattress is the bed’s top layer. It consists of a foam or latex core and is inserted in a cover. The most important purpose of the top mattress is to enhance your sleeping comfort and it is therefore available in a wide range of different models.
  • Foam Mattresses: They consist of a foam core inside a fabric cover. It is ideal for customers who prefer the mattress to mould into the shape of their body. The mattress’s most crucial component is its foam core.

    At JYSK we offer foam mattresses in a range of different materials

    • PU foam: PU foam, which is short for polyurethane foam, is a very popular foam type that is available in varying levels of firmness and density.
    • Memory foam: Memory foam is a high-quality product that adapts to the body’s natural contours and prevents both circulation problems and muscle and joint pain. 
    • Visco gel: Visco gel is a unique cooling gel to help regulate temperature.
  • Spring mattresses: consist of a spring system, bolster materials, and cover, which can be combined to give you a wide array of options for optimal function and comfort. It is without a solid frame and must lie on a slatted base in a bed frame.

There are two types of springs which make up the core of a spring mattress: 

  • Bonell: Bonell springs are hourglass-shaped and made of a thick metal wire. These springs give you a mattress with a firm surface and long lifespan at an affordable price
  • Pocket: Pocket springs are smaller than bonell springs. Each spring is encased in a tiny cloth pocket that protects it from wear and tear, reduces noise and makes the design more stable. With its many support points, the mattress adjusts to your body with a high level of precision to give you the utmost in comfort.
  • Test your mattress before you buy: At JYSK you can try a lot of different mattresses, whilst asking our knowledgeable staff for advice as we are ready to help you to make the right decision, aligned with your vision of a Restful Night’s Sleep.


The significance of choosing the right pillow extends far beyond mere comfort; it directly impacts the quality of your sleep, overall health, and well-being. The importance of making the right choice becomes paramount for those seeking restful nights and optimal health. The pillow guide is the perfect way to find a pillow able to support your neck, allowing the cervical vertebrae to lie in a natural extension of your spine. This is crucial for a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep.

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jysk duvet guide

Whether you prefer to use the same duvet all year round or switch between summer and winter, choosing the right duvet at JYSK involves thoughtful consideration of fill material, warmth level, size, maintenance, fill power (for down duvets), budget, and personal preferences. By carefully assessing these factors with our experienced staff, you can find a duvet that enhances your sleep experience and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

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The music you love to listen to, the style you choose for your clothes, the way you decorate your home or the way you shake someone’s hand, they all say something about your personality. The position you choose for sleeping also says something about you. But unlike musical or clothing preferences, which are all conscious decisions, the sleep position is unconscious. This is why the position you sleep in reveals your true self. Research has shown that sleep positions can be linked to certain personality traits.

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