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With KRONBORG you can upgrade your home with textiles of excellent quality at an affordable price.®

Since KRONBORG was established in Denmark in the 1940s, the brand has been built on excellence, quality and professional pride. The Scandinavian brand stands for the highest quality in textiles for the bathroom, bed linen, duvets and pillows.

The name KRONBORG is far older than the 1940s, as it is also the name of the world-famous castle in Elsinore, where Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” from 1603 takes place. The castle was built in the 1420s and was later named Kronborg Castle by the Danish king Frederik II.

The castle also plays a role in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “Holger Danske” from 1845, which is inspired by the European, mythical character of the same name. In the fairy tale, Holger Danske rests in Kronborg’s casemates, where his beard is grown firmly in a marble table. Legend has it that if the kingdom of the Danes is threatened, Holger Danske will wake up and defend the fatherland.

The vast majority of products from KRONBORG are certified according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which is one of the world’s leading health labels within textiles.®